CBD Capsules FOR CONVENIENCE AND EASE OF USE – CBD CAPSULES The ultimate CBD Capsules, 50 mg each capsule, 30 capsules in every pouch, Taking these is easy and straightforward and preferred by many customers that are constantly on the go. As easy as taking a headache tablet, you simply swallow your capsule with water. Hybrid is a mixture of our 100% paste and our extremely potent oils giving you the ultimate blend to enhance the pain relief you deserve. The convenience of taking a capsule is also measured by the accuracy of serving size all the time, a comforting thought any customer. A natural, organically grown and extracted product, like all the options you can order from us, our hybrid capsules are great for the user that prefers not to taste the CBD but still believes strongly in the healing qualities. For best results, take a capsule 1 time daily, generally before bedtime, Our CBD Capsules are vegan friendly, extracted from the best hemp plants and offered as Whole Plant or Hybrid Whole Plant organic products that are mentioned for their relaxing qualities. Some customers report of relief in terms of muscle pain and inflammation even though results always vary. Individual preferences will dictate how and when the user ups their dosages.

CBD Hybrid Capsules