CBD Paste
Our choice of 100% pure CBD Pastes enables you to experience the best quality paste available.
All of our cannabidiol pastes are produced via meticulous processes whereby CO2 extraction ensures the best, purest concentrations of high quality cbd products such as our pastes. All of our plants are grown organically so as to ensure that quality is never sacrificed. Our products contain high concentrations of CBD and the legal amount of THC; therefore they are sold legally in the UK and elsewhere. we are passionate about helping others to help themselves lead a more relaxed life. Our CBD pastes are easy to use; customers report of great benefits derived from the positive effects of these carefully prepared balms which are recommended for regular use even if taken in small dosages. For best results it is recommended that our pastes be kept in the refrigerator. Before meals, take a small dose, ( the amount of an uncooked grain of rice) starting with a few mg initially – then slowly building up. For best results take up to 3 times a day. Individual preferences always vary. Our products are highly recommended for adding a calming effect to help combat daily pain, stresses and certain difficult periods.
Keep refrigerated 

Pure CBD Paste


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